Biomedical research in Toronto

Larry Morran at Sandwalk points out that there is a hotbed of biomedical research at the University of Toronto, part of a substantial research base in Ontario.

The area around my building contains one of the densest populations of researchers in the world. The problem is that hardly anyone knows about it. Toronto isn’t on everyone’s radar in spite of the fact that there’s a lot of high quality work being done.

Larry points out that Nature magazine has an article about called “Toronto Rising.” There’s a lot of research going on here but we’re not communicating about it to the rest of the world.

The MaRS Centre is a relatively new research facility in an older building at University & College.

MaRS building on College St. near Toronto General Hospital

World Science Festival venues

You can see where the events of the 2008 World Science Festival will be held: all over Manhattan. Follow the link to reach an interactive map.


The festival will be held in New York May 29 – June 1. The World Science Festival is meant to communicate the wonder of science to non-scientists.

All libraries should be this pretty

In 2005. a private bookstore let a local artist arrange the books on their shelves by color.

blue-green and blue shelves

The results are beautiful… go and look at the full-sized pictures: “Superhero Journal: There is nothing wrong in this whole wide world.”

red-yellow-green shelves

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LOLcat technology: lasers

This is one of my favourite LOLcat technology images:


more cat pictures

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