T. H. Huxley—more than a “bulldog”

T.H. Huxley, caricatureI’m indebted for this to Brian Switek at Laelaps, who did all the work and posted it almost a week ago. One week ago was the anniversary of T.H. Huxley’s birth. These days, his name is associated with the epithet, “Darwin’s Bulldog,” and the task of defending the new theory of evolution. But he was much more than that, a scientist and thinker in his own right.

Read about Huxley’s life.

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Hilary Clinton is showing her usual lack of class, according to Bob Clinton’s “Seeds of Destruction” in the New York Times.

Their repertoire has always been deficient in grace and class. So there was Hillary Clinton cold-bloodedly asserting to USA Today that she was the candidate favored by “hard-working Americans, white Americans,” and that her opponent, Barack Obama, the black candidate, just can’t cut it with that crowd.

“There’s a pattern emerging here,” said Mrs. Clinton.

There is, indeed. There was a name for it when the Republicans were using that kind of lousy rhetoric to good effect: it was called the Southern strategy, although it was hardly limited to the South. Now the Clintons, in their desperation to find some way — any way — back to the White House, have leapt aboard that sorry train.

He can’t win! Don’t you understand? He’s black! He’s black!

The Clintons have been trying to embed that gruesomely destructive message in the brains of white voters and superdelegates for the longest time. It’s a grotesque insult to African-Americans, who have given so much support to both Bill and Hillary over the years….

… to deliberately convey the idea that most white people — or most working-class white people — are unwilling to give an African-American candidate a fair hearing in a presidential election is a slur against whites.

…it’s one thing to lack class and a sense of grace, quite another to deliberately try and wreck the presidential prospects of your party’s likely nominee — and to do it in a way that has the potential to undermine the substantial racial progress that has been made in this country over many years.

The Clintons should be ashamed of themselves. But they long ago proved to the world that they have no shame.

Humans as dog-trainers

The Skeptical Adaptationist asks, “Why are humans such lousy dog-trainers?

It is all about communication. By Charades, a police have found out when they realized that they’ve trained dogs to get all excited at the smell of money, not drugs on money.

The power of prayer

When you won’t help, pray?

How to do nothing and still think you’re helping.
(Hat tip to My Confined Space)
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