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“Laptops are weird”

The latest from xkcd:

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Using the Web: factory cats project

Clever people are using their skills plus the web to generate publicity and resources to pay for the care and adoption of rescued cats in the Factory Cats Project. The first project, Foreclosure Cats, was to rescue sixty cats perforce abandoned when a man was evicted from his home. I hope that someone helped him, too! That encouraged the people to use the same plan for the Factory Cats project, a colony of forty feral cats.

Adopt a cat

Adopt a cat

Local artists have created artworks that represent the cats, and the money is being used to pay for the cats’ care. Click on the link for the Animal Rescue Art Project. The original artworks are being auctioned on eBay and you can buy copies of the images on Cafepress.

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Netizen’s guide to Flame Warriors

mikelrAs we all know, arguments tend to become more heated over the Internet than in real life, erupting into insult-fests called flame wars. Mike Reed amused himself by describing the different kinds of flame warriors.

WordPress for LinkedIn

The WordPress blog announced that you can now send updates from your blog to LinkedIn.

To add the WordPress App to your LinkedIn account, visit the LinkedIn Application Directory. Select the WordPress App, enter your blog’s URL, and choose to display either all of your blog posts or just those tagged with “LinkedIn.” Save, and you’re all set!

Now your network will be notified when you post something new to your or blog. Your WordPress avatar will automatically display alongside the top post (we, of course, suggest you use Gravatar for that).

U.S. Digital Science Library conference

The U.S. National Digital Science Library annual meeting for 2008 is being held in Washington, D.C. from September 30 to October 2. The National Digital Science Library (NDSL) is a science education resource.

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