The Garden of Cosmic Speculation

This wonderful garden in Dumfries, Scotlandd is open to the public only one day a year. I’d love to visit it; but until I do there’s an online gallery of images: The Garden of Cosmic Speculation by Charles Jencks.

Eschaton 2012 reception

The science and skepticism conference Eschaton 2012 is underway in Ottawa, Ontario. Esteemed science blogger PZ Myers will be speaking and here he is with the author of Science Notes.

A man and woman stand together, smiling

All the best dinosaur toys

See the Dinotoy blog for lovely and accurate models of dinosaurs.

Train your brain?

This software makes a deliberate attempt to retrain your brain from ADD to more normal functioning, using reminders and practice: Brain Train.

Here’s another company with brain-training exercises.

Growing Grandmasters

Three sisters were raised by their parents as a eugenics experiment and given intensive training in their first interest, chess. They are three of the best female chess players ever. Is it nature plus nurture or nurture alone? Here’s their story, with plenty of detail but easy to read: The Grandmaster Experiment.

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Downtown Denver Aquarium


I had the opportunity to visit the Downtown Denver Aquarium, which was a lovely experience. It has about ten different ‘ecology’ areas, which gives it a lot of variety. Walking through the aquarium may give you an appetite for the seafood restaurant at the exit.

Sunday sermon: the theory of evolution

Just remember that in science, “theory” means “explanation.”

BBC blames the victim

Jody McIntyre, who attended the U.K. student protests against rising university fees that may put first-tier universities out of reach of all but the rich, calls a BBC on its scripted interview questions which suggest that he is responsible for police dragging him out of his wheelchair and assaulting him. In McIntyre’s opinion, the police actions were designed to provoke violence from other protesters (which could then be used to justify repressive measures).

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