“How It’s Made” on the Discovery Channel

“How It’s Made” appeals to my Inner Nerd and natural curiosity. How do factories make fibreglas boats? What’s the recipe for latex paint? Who invented artificial ice? How much hand work is there in a hockey stick? How do they get the lead into a pencil? the flanges onto a carburettor? the filling into a chocolate?  Stay tuned.

Centre for Inquiry conference with added art!

"Ammonite vs. Trilobite" by Glendon Mellow

Canada’s first national CFI conference started Thursday and is continuing until Sunday. Its theme is “The Intersection of Art and Science,” with the major attention-grabbing sessions on Saturday.

The very first session is an exposition on the relatively recent discoveries that connect the evolution of art with the evolution of humanity and language and reducing the suddenness of the “Cro-Magnon Explosion.”

Some of the evolutionary art of Glendon Mellow will be on exhibit, with a few pieces for sale.

Why do people laugh at creationists, part 19: “Evilution”

This is Thunderfoot’s favourite video in his series, “Why do people laugh as creationists?”

U.S. Debt Clock runs out of digits

The U.S. National Debt Clock has run out of digits as the debt has more than doubled under George W. Bush. It’s now over ten trillion U.S. dollars. For now, the dollar sign is being replaced with a 1.

In the new year,the sign will be replaced by one with more digits for the total debt and for each person’s share, now over $80,000.

Perhaps Douglas Durst, son of the late Seymour Durst – the clock’s inventor – will take advantage of the change to choose some other colour scheme than white on light blue.

Aaamazing nature photographs

Image by Igor Siwanowicz

Image by Igor Siwanowicz

OK, these are pictures, mostly of insects, that have been posed and perhaps coloured — I don’t know if there are any red or green pillbugs — but they sure are beautiful. Many of them are extreme closeups:  photos by Igor Siwanowicz.

The page has at least 60 large images on it, so try it only on a fast connection.

Earth as art

An alluvial fan in China

An alluvial fan in China

Our Earth as Art is a NASA web site with images of the earth from satellite heights. Many of them are both intriguing and beautiful. Each has a brief explanation of where and what it is.

Clicking on the images takes you to a high-resolution version. They can be used as large postcards and they are in the public domain.

LOLcreashun on Flickr

I’ve been linking some of my photos on Flickr to the places they were taken. When I came to my LOLcreashun images, it occurred to me that I could link them to Ken Ham’s religiouis amusement park. So I looked up the (Christian) Creation Museum. It’s at 2800 Bullittsburg Church Road Petersburg, KY. And I linked a few pictures to it, with added commentary. I think you can look at them if you go here: the Creation Museum map.

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