The blogroll is getting too long for the sidebar, so I’m moving it to a page and just keeping a select few in the sidebar.

Bora’s links

This is a whole list of wonderful links stolen borrowed copied from Bora Zivkovic’s great blog, A Blog Around the Clock. I urge you to visit it.

8 Responses to “Blogroll”

  1. Darshan Chande Says:


    Hello friend,

    My name is Darshan and I am the author of a delicious GK blog The SciTech Journal ( I find your blog interesting and hence this idea hit upon my mind: Are you interested in putting our links on each other’s blogs? My blog The SciTech Journal, you see, is unique one and holds good potential. I’ll put your blog link in my blog roll and in return you do the same for me on yours. In addition to getting us some additional visitors it might add value to our visitors as both our blogs are rich with unique content.

    Write to me if you think the same way about it :)

    Thanks and best regards,
    Darshan Chande

  2. andrelle Says:

    I have a science blog (Science Decoder) what should i do to get on your blog roll.

  3. culturecatharsis Says:

    If you’re interested in videos about science and technology, then iaiTV is a great resource. Here’s the URL:

  4. Dr Bob Says:

    Is there not any software one can use or how does blogroll work?
    Its that simple you post a link to mine and I post a link to yours or what?

    Should be some good automated processes for science blogs?

    I write about Cold Fusion Energy and I am looking for webpages similar to mine that I could be proud to promote, or work more active with.

    • monado Says:

      I’m sure there is software but I just use the page editing interface in WordPress.

      If you are interested in promoting cold fusion, I suggest that you encourage the researchers who worked on it to do more experiments instead of arguing about marginal readings of an experiment done years ago, which is a tactic found in pseudoscience. Also, they might work on developing a theoretical explanation that places cold fusion in the context of what we know about nuclear physics, because at the moment there is no mechanism that explains the results they are arguing for.

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