About Monado

I have a longstanding interest in science and it finally spilled over into writing blog articles. I do most of my blogging on weekends and in the evening when I can line up posts to be published later in the week at set times. I found that writing several post-dated articles for each day led to stale and uninspired articles. I’ve reverted to writing articles when I have the time and inclination. I’ve missed some important stories when I’ve been busy, but what I write should be more interesting.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed on this blog are those of the blog owner and do not reflect the views of any former, current, or future employers, groups, or other people.

17 Responses to “About Monado”

  1. Mark Perakh Says:

    Dear “Monado”: I apologize for bothering you. I am in the process of writng an essay to be posted to TalkReason and the Panda’s Thumb for which I need a link to those electron microphotographs of the flagella you referred to recently as I saw it in Tangled Bank 104. Regrettably Tangled Bank 104 would not open any longer (404 error appears instead) so I can’t locate the images in question. Would you be kind enough to provide those links? Many thanks! Mark

  2. monado Says:

    I wonder what happened to Tangled Bank 104? The rest of the site is there but the one article is gone. My article that was highlighted happens to be right in my sidebar as well: “Who’s zoomin’ who?

  3. mackthek Says:

    Thanks for the link-love

  4. Lovingson Says:

    I am doing a research on fossils. I am looking for a site to take pictures-something close to Toronto
    or in Ontario.Thanks

  5. Brenda Says:

    Hello monado,
    I’m trying to find the source of the photo of Dr. Sheela Basrur appearing on one of your posts: https://sciencenotes.wordpress.com/2008/06/06/dr-sheela-basrur-dies/

    It’s the photo at the very top, with her in front of a microphone.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated; if you could please reply by e-mail as soon as you can (the reason it’s urgent is because my organization would like to request permission to use it in an exhibit this month), that’d be great.

    Many thanks in advance,

  6. monado Says:

    I can’t find it by doing an image search, which makes me think I might have taken it from a video clip. My most likely sources would be the CBC, CTV, or even Google news.

    Sorry I can’t be of more help.

  7. ThirtyFiveUp Says:


    I assume you have Wikipediaed the kaaba in Mecca by now and know that the labial frame for the black stone is polished silver.

    Oval or labial shape is often used for other representations of female astral powers. Lady Guadeloupe is an obvious one.

  8. James Says:

    In Dec 2007 you commented about the use of fecal transplant for Crohn’s disease. http://scienceblogs.com/aetiology/2007/12/fecal_transplants_to_cure_clos.php
    Were your friends treated and if so, did the procedure improve their symptoms?

    My wife is suffering terrably with colitis. She/we are looking for information on facilities providing the treatment. Do you have any more information?
    James , Arlington, Texas

  9. monado Says:

    My friend ended up having her entire lower intestine removed without trying fecal transplants. I would have liked her to try it first. But I have no first-hand information about it. What I hear from the science blogs, not pseudoscience, is that it seems promising. The best thing might be to ask your doctor or your local hospital what they know about who’s doing it — or even your local university.

  10. Cliff Sutherland Says:

    I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing. The dates all appear to be from last year. Please tell me that is not ominous.

  11. monado Says:

    Hi, Cliff! Don’t worry–it’s not ominous. Not much is happening. I’m enjoying the summer, swimming, biking and all those good things. Toronto is at its greenest. Take a look at my personal blog for more about what I’ve been doing. Random Thoughts–it’s in the sidebar. Although I’m a few weeks behind on recording all my swims.

  12. Daniel Says:


    Do you happen to know the source of the lovely HPV image you used in this post:


    I’m looking for an image for a story we’re running that’s HPV-related, and that’s the prettiest I’ve found.


  13. Rana Loca Says:

    hey I noticed that you have a section on birds and cats why not have sections on other animals like frogs i love amphibians and would like it if you had a section on herpetology.

  14. FossilFishy Says:

    Hey, thanks for the link. Scanning your blogroll I find my humble and very ill-tended blog amongst some truly fantastic ones. The mind boggles but I do appreciate it.

    Steve C.

  15. AKron Says:

    Monado – Thanks for commenting on anonopotamus!

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