“Why do people laugh at creationists?” 24

I’ve been falling behind. When I discovered the YouTube “WDPLAC?” series, there were only six videos. Now I see that there are at least 24. So here’s “Ben Stein and the non-sequiturs”—what a name for a rock band!

Pick your criteria carefully

It’s not enough to measure: you must know what you’re measuring and why it’s appropriate. You should be able to explain why it’s appropriate.

Ideally, when you’re making a choice for a project, you lay out the desired results and the criteria by which you are judging, and the decision is firm that when competing solutions are evaluated, the one that fits the criteria best will be chosen.

Unfortunately, that’s not how governments work. They run the tests or consult their consultants and then pick the one they wanted in the first place. Sometimes they even falsify the data or dictate the conclusions of the report—or simply refuse to publish it. Or, as happened here, they seem blissfully unaware of what’s really important. Ed Darrell reports… how the U.S. National Education Library got new staff.

A bradypus or sloth am I—

Afarensis reminded me of this image macro

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