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Expelled sued

Blog Blue-collar scientist has the story “Expelled sued

The producers of Expelled, having been notified by XVIVO (pdf) that their movie infringed on XVIVO’s copyright of an animation of the inner workings of a cell, responded to that by almost immediately filing a lawsuit against XVIVO.

Yoko Ono, Sean Ono Lennon, Julian Lennon, and EMI Blackwood Music Inc, have apparently decided not to allow Expelled’s litigious, lawsuit-happy producers strike the first blow in their case. They have filed a lawsuit against Premise Media Corporation, C&S Production LP and Rocky Mountain Pictures, Expelled’s producers and distributors, seeking an injunction preventing them from continuing to use John Lennon’s song Imagine, and also seeking damages.

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Get the facts about Expelled the movie.

“Toxic feet” treatment

Pseudoscience, from KinokiHere’s an update from Mondo Skepto on an herbal treatment that is supposed to extract the toxins from your feet: It doesn’t work.

Read all about it.

It’s amazing and depressing that people believe this stuff. Truly, we’re living in a world of alchemy and humours. Happy Beltane!

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