Evolutionblog: The stupidity of human dignity

Jason RosenhouseIntriguing title, is it not? Jason Rosenhouse at Evolutionblog writes about the difference between ethics and religious scruples and refers us to an excellent article by Stephen Pinker.

The Fish Directory

I just happened across this beautiful blog, which is attempting to catalog fish of all descriptions.

smooth trunkfish from Honduras

Speckled trunkfish from Honduras

Visit the Fish Directory.

Republican: If one family is good, two must be better

drunken Vito Fossella, Republican representative, DWI, police photo

Republican family values Representative Vito Fossella loves families so much he has a second one that he keeps hidden.

Fossella was arrested for drunk driving after breaking tables in a D.C. bar. He called his mistress to help bail him out. The mistress is also the mother of his three year old daughter. Fossella’s wife didn’t know about the affair and the child and she wasn’t very pleased when she refused to be near him during a press conference.

As if that weren’t enough, he was picked up May 1 for drunken driving:

GOP Rep. Vito Fossella’s blood alcohol level was .17, nearly twice the state legal limit, when he was arrested for driving while intoxicated in Alexandria, Va., in the early hours of Thursday, according to documents filed today in Alexandria General District Court.

He called his mistress, rather than his wife, when he was arrested.

See “The Fossella Scandal,” NY Times.

(Hat tip to Doo Dah Blue)

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