Atlantic salmon hatchlings are returned to Duffin’s Creek

students release salmon hatchlings at an Ontario creek

One creek at a time, Ontario is re-seeding salmon habitats with Atlantic salmon fry that have been raised in fish hatcheries. Grade 6 students (eleven-year-old children) took part by releasing a small batch of salmon that they had raised into Duffin’s Creek. The creek is north of Pickering, which is on the north shore of Lake Ontario, east of Toronto.

David Love, Executive Director of the Conservation Federation of Greater Toronto

David Love, Executive Director of the Conservation Federation of Greater Toronto, says that there were once salmon in the creek, but that they were extirpated. I think that agricultural pollution and overfishing are the likely culprits.

Public school class releases salmon into Ontario creeks

The students and teachers regard the creek.

U.S. Attorney General lies his face off

This is old news, but I’m behind on my reading. Ed Brayton at Dispatches from the Culture Wars notes a speech in which the U.S. Attorney General, Michael Mukaskey, tells some whopping lies about FISA.

Explosion in the LOLcat factory

Over on the Laughing Squid, Scott Beale has noted the proliferation of the LOLcat meme on the Web:

I Has Been Ignoring Ur Squidz

The Lolcat meme is has been exploding lately. Lolcats or cat macros are those weird photos of cats (sometimes other creatures) doing strange things and using bad grammar….
(Photo credit, Scot Beale)

They even help to take the sting out of error messages.

Bust of aged Caesar found at Arles

Julius Caesar as an older man circa 45 BCE

A bust of the “wrinkled Caesar” has been found by divers in the Rhone River at the French town of Arles, which was founded by Julius Caesar in 46 B.C. The bust is thought to date from about that era. It is the representation of him at his oldest that has so far been found. It seems that the sculpture, and others, were thrown into the river.

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