Why do people laugh at creationists, part 19: “Evilution”

This is Thunderfoot’s favourite video in his series, “Why do people laugh as creationists?”

Why do people laugh at creationists, part 26: Sarah Palin

It’s scary: She’s almost incoherent but she knows what she believes. If you want to know more about Sarah Palin, in her own words, this is a good place to start:

Thanks to Thunderfoot for creating this educational video.

“Why do people laugh at creationists?” 24

I’ve been falling behind. When I discovered the YouTube “WDPLAC?” series, there were only six videos. Now I see that there are at least 24. So here’s “Ben Stein and the non-sequiturs”—what a name for a rock band!

ERV apologizes to Discovery Institute

HIV researcher Abbie Smith at science blog ERV has apologized to the DI., themselves an apologetics publiic-relations front for creationism.

All those times I pointed at the Discovery Institute or one of its ‘fellows’ and laughed ‘FAIL! LOL!’ ‘EPIC FAIL! LOSER LOL!’?

I was wrong.

Those werent epic fails.

This is an epic fail.

Buy the bumper sticker:

ID flunked

Expelled: FAIL!

This is hilarious. Science blogger PZ Myers tried to attend a screening of the anti-evolution movie Expelled, for which he was interviewed under false pretenses. Everyone had to show identification — to see a free movie screening! He was singled out and told that (a) he couldn’t attend and (b) he had to leave the premises immediately or be arrested (on what grounds, I wonder).

Of course, he left quietly. But he could hardly wait to tell the science community the rest of the story.

It’s particularly ironic that at a movie preview, people complaining that they can’t get their point out are keeping out people who might disagree with them. Maybe they’re afraid that PZ might mention that he was interviewed under false pretenses. And on their home page they criticize PZ for commenting on a movie that he hasn’t seen! And then, of course, there’s PZ’s guest for the evening… Richard Dawkins!

humor PZ Expelled

(The Expelled image is from Rants ‘n’ Raves.)

Why do people laugh at creationists? 6

Here we go: a “scientific” video from Kent Hovind’s Creation Science Evangalism ministry tells us that clouds block X-rays.

Why do people laugh at creationists?

This diagram will help to explain. It compares a scientific explanation to the explanation contaminated by religion.

More plagiarism by Kent Hovind’s “ministry”

While we’re talking about plagiarism, I noticed this in a video created by Kent Hovind’s “ministry.” He announced at the beginning of the video that it was not copyrighted and we were welcome to use his videos and spread them around – his “ministry” had made more than a million videos.

Mike Scovel's women

There was one little hitch. I’m pretty sure that I recognize this image as the work of an America comic artist, who sells it as one of a series of pricey greeting cards. The style is distinctive. So I suspect that this image isn’t Hovind’s to give away. And I’ll bet he didn’t ask permission before using it – because permission wouldn’t have included the right to release it into the public domain for unlimited copying. The image was innocently picked up in the critical analysis, “Why do people laugh at creationists? (part 6)”.

And the mask is definitely off. What objective science lectures are promulgated by a ministry? I thought that ministries left the science to scientists and concentrated on religious or social rhetoric.

Update: The artist whose work I suspect this is is Mike Scovel. It certainly looks like his style (caution! music, lyrics, fart button!), especially for women. Perhaps I should write, “More apparent plagiarism” because I haven’t heard from the artist.

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