Tangled Bank #100 at Archaeoporn

That fortnightly blog carnival of science writing is up with Tangled Bank 100 at Archaeoporn: The Bad Flu edition. The theme is Ben Stein.

Archaoporn Science Blog

Tangled Bank #99 at Greg Laden’s Blog

Visit Tangled Bank 99 at Greg Laden’s Blog.


Tangled Bank #98 at Quintessence of Dust

Look for good signage at Tangled Bank 98 hosted by Stephen Matheson at Quintessence of Dust.

logo Quintessence of Dust science blog

Tangled Bank #97 at The Innoculated Mind

Visit Tangled Bank 97: The Frozen Bank at The Innoculated Mind.

logo - Innoculated Mind science blog

Tangled Bank #96 at Aardvarchaeology

Go to Aardvarchaeology for Tangled Bank 96: Toadally .

Tangled Bank #95 at Ouroboros

Tangled Bank 95 is up at Ouroboros with a theme of “Here I Stand and Can Do No Other.”

Tangled Bank #94 at Life before Death

There’s a dense cluster of science articles at the Tangled Bank 94, a compendium of online science writing. Did you know that songbirds can’t learn new songs unless they have a particular gene? And that gene has been identified as one humans use in learning language? We’re seeing the roots of language. Or that capuchin monkeys don’t like to work if another monkey is getting a bigger reward for the same work? Or, worse still, for no work? It looks like the roots of our sense of justice.

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