Tangled Bank #109 at Greg Laden’s Blog

Greg Laden has combined science and humor in the fortnightly carnival of science blogs, Tangled Bank. His Tangled Bank 109 features LOLcats and links to science articles, with his own commentary as well. Hurry on over and find out what’s going on in the science blogosphere.



Tangled Bank #107 at Syaffolee

There’s a new collection of links to science articles at Syaffolee, with a Choose Your Own Adventure format. Read Tangled Bank 107.

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Tangled Bank #106 at Nobel Intent

Our collection of links to good science writing is up on Nobel Intent, part of Ars Technica. Follow the link to Tangled Bank 106.

Hmm, this looks interesting:

Darwin’s tomatoes, incidentally, show that a single base change in regulatory DNA can radically alter an organism’s morphology. The Tangled Up in Blue Guy then tracks what happens as such mutations spread within a population in an easy-to-follow discourse on population genetics.

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Tangled Bank #105 at The Beagle Project

logo for Tangled BankThe latest issue of Tangled Bank is hosted at The Beagle Project blog. See Tangled Bank 105 at The Beagle Project blog.

Welcome, readers, to this tag-teamed edition of the Tangled Bank blog carnival.

In the left-justified corner, all the way from the north Yorkshire coast, not far from where Darwin ‘took the waters’ in Ilkley, it’s Peter McGrath.

And in the right-justified corner, coming to you from London, just a few miles away from Downe Bank, Darwin’s inspiration for the tangled bank where “endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being, evolved”, it’s Karen James.

Well, you glorious swine. Speaking for myself, my blogreading life was full enough without discovering some of the new delights carnivalled here. The long evening reading all these posts has been a ‘mental riot’ (Darwin’s description of the intellectual ferment when he was incubating The Origin), for which many thanks and the RSS has a slew of new entries. A tangled bank is not a monoculture, and I think we can offer something for all here.

I would never call our dear readers much less our prolific bank-tanglers ‘swine’, however glorious, but I certainly do share Peter’s admiration for this fortnight’s entries.

Tangled Bank #104 on Dammit, Jim!

The fortnightly Tangled Bank compendium of biology-related online articles is four years old. Here’s a link to Tangled Bank 104 at Scott Sherill-Mix’s science blog Dammit, Jim!

Tangled Bank #103 at rENNISance Woman

The fortnightly Tangled Bank 103 is up on rENNISance Woman’s blog on Nature Network.

Tangled Bank #102 at Further Thoughts

Furhter Thoughts blog banner

Ian Ramjohn at Further Thoughts posts the 102nd Tangled Bank blog carnival or science articles. There’s a new Tangled Bank every two weeks; this is the April 2nd edition, so it’s been going for almost four years.

Please drop over to Further Thoughts to read the latest about your sense of hearing, winners vs. slackers vs do-gooders, fake AIDS healers, the Great Biodiversity Competition, and more.

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