Sikhs wear turban to celebrate Canada

Four Canadian athletes who are Sikhs are wearing their turbans to celebrate the diversity and tolerance of Canada. They don’t wear them at home—but they could and no one would blink at it.

…after listening to Canadian field hockey player Ravi Kahlon’s eloquent explanation, you at least understand the reasoning why he and three fellow Indo-Canadian players will wear turbans when marching into the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Summer Games on Friday….

A turban is a Sikh religious symbol and in no way an Indian national symbol. Kahlon said as a Canadian he would never wear any symbol of Indian nationhood during the Olympics or at any international competition.

“We’re a country of immigrants and this is a celebration of Canada and the fact that in our country, you can be anything you want to be… My dad had to cut his beard and lose his turban to get a job when he came to Canada (in 1970),” said Kahlon. “Now we can choose to wear a turban or not and it doesn’t affect anybody making a living. Now we can celebrate that evolution of our country. During the opening ceremonies, I want people to think about Canadians coming in all kinds of packages, and yet we’re all still Canadians.”

Pictures from Sikh Chic.

Tour de France: L’Alpe d’Huez

The most famous climb of the Tour de France was run today. This stage could be decisive: going in, the top four riders are only seconds apart.

Here’s the story of the day: Tour de France Stage 17: Sastre the Seventh Leader After Commanding Performance.

Horrific car-bike accident in Mexico

One thing that bothers me about getting around by bike is the fragility of the vehicle. Drivers don’t often see us; in fact, the other day I saw a driver turn left into the path of a cyclist who had the right of way, strike him amidships and bounce him off the hood. Luckily, the car was going slowly; but the driver had just seen the cyclist and discounted him because “cyclists don’t move that fast.” The cyclist was unhurt and went on his way after a brief lecture on rules of the road and a sarcastic comment. So that’s one car-bike interaction that won’t get into the city’s statistics.  This cyclist was in the right, but about 80% of those I see make dangerous and unpredictable moves. I’m amazed that more don’t get hurt.

Still, the nightmare is to be riding along, minding your own business, when a car ploughs into you or your group. It happened a few weeks ago in the U.S. when a deputy “fell asleep at the wheel” and killed someone. He may have been drunk but we won’t know because no one took a blood sample on the scene and secured it. Any blood sample that turns up later is questionable. And it happened the other day in Mexico when a driver, apparently drunk, “fell asleep at the wheel” and slammed into a bicycle race at speed.

car slams into cyclists, Mexico

Human flying squirrels

tiny human figure with webbing between legs and arms flies over the edge of a mountainI am never going to try this, but it is amazing just to watch: the mountain wingsuit demo by Espin Jones and friends.

(Hat tip to LotStreetWiz at Road of Iron for the link)

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