Man burns woman to death in elevator

Hello, Richard Dawkins! Let’s hear you be sarcastic about this as you convey that Muslim women have it worse so the problem doesn’t exist. Let’s hear you explain how safe elevators are because a woman can always press the stop button if she wants to get away from someone: Man burns Dolores Gillespie to death in elevator. He waited on her floor and then stepped into the elevator when she tried to get off.

The woman, who had grocery bags in her arms, turned about 180 degrees and then crouched in an attempted to protect herself, he said. But the man sprayed her directly in the face and continued to spray her “sort of methodically” over her head and parts of her body as the bags draped off her arms. She turned around and retreated to the back of the elevator….

Neighbors reported a fire in the building, unaware that the woman, whom police declined to identify, was burning to death in the elevator.

That elevator kerfuffle

Not everybody wants to be accosted in an elevator, whether it’s an invitation to a date or a debate.

For context, see Rebecca Watson’s “The Privilege Delusion.”

Common sense says, Don’t make people feel uncomfortable. And if you’re a confident sort, don’t belittle those who are nervous. Your landscape is not their landscape. Richard Dawkins has probably never been raped in an elevator. Or a stairwell. Or a washroom. Or a car. Or at work. Or at home. Or in the street. Or behind a church, or in a church.  And from his security, he can be sarcastic about people who don’t want to be propositioned in a moving steel box in the dead of night.

Designed and Designoid Objects

One of Richard Dawkins’ entertaining Christmas lectures is “Designed and Designoid Objects” from 1991.

Richard Dawkins: Science is Interesting

Here’s Richard Dawkins talking about Science:

RDF notice on California litigation

Blaine Greenberg, the legal counsel for Richard Dawkins and the Richard Dawkins Foundation has posted a statement on the RDF website. He notes that he wrote the claim and the language is his. Comments are closed on this statement.

Expelled: the copyright issue

Expelled exposedWesley R. Elsberry at The Austringer points out a delicious irony: the hypocritical dishonesty of the Expelled producers as it relates to copyright law could result in the exposure and collapse of the whole Discovery Institute house of cards.

It’s bad enough to for Kevin Miller and Mark Mathis lie and deceive to get interviews. It’s laughable to expell the people you interviewed and filmed from a movie decrying persecution. It’s ludicrous to pick on science blogger PZ Myers and miss major author Richard Dawkins. But to steal intellectual property from Harvard University and science-movie-makers XVIVO is going too far. It seems that religion excuses everything.

Read “Expelled: Plagiarism will do that for you.”

Richard Dawkins will appear on Dr. Who

Hat tip to Pharyngula for this tidbit of news: Richard Dawkins will make a guest appearance on Dr. Who.

Humorous Pictures
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New holidays

Help me to develop new, nerdy, secular holidays that everyone can enjoy. I’d like to propose some new holidays, preferably one a month, but I haven’t come up with a complete list yet. Help me out!

Nerd Calendar:

  • Jan. 5, George W. Carver, 1843
  • Jan. 9? (Analemma Day) (earliest sunset of the year)
  • Feb. 8, Dmitri Mendeleev (1834)
  • Feb. 12, Charles Darwin’s Birthday
  • Feb. 19, Nicolaus Copernicus’ Birthday (1473)
  • Mar 14, Pi Day; also Albert Einstein’s Birthday (1879)
  • March 20, Expelled Irony Day (the day PZ Myers was spitefully expelled from the theatre while clueless creationists let in Richard Dawkins)
  • Mar 21/22, Spring Equinox
  • April 23, William Shakespeare’s Birthday (estimated) (1564); also Max Planck’s Birthday (1858)
  • June 21/22 Summer Solstice
  • July 10, Nikola Tesla’s Birthday (1856)
  • July 25    Rosalind Franklin, 1920
  • Aug. 30, Maurice Hilleman (1919)
  • Sept 21/22, Fall Equinox
  • Nov. 7, Marja (Marie) Sklodowska Curie
  • Nov. 30, John Napier’s Day (birthday unknown)
  • Dec. 21/22, Winter Solstice
  • Dec. 25, now Jan. 13, Isaac Newton (1642)
  • Dec. 27, Johannes Kepler’s Birthday (1571)

How about Sir Sanford Fleming Day? I’d like to remember the man who invented time zones. Gregor Mendel day? John Snow Day? Ramujan Day? The possibilities are endless.

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