Nature by numbers

There are some beautiful images in this video showing the math behind the shapes.


Canadian Badlands Trail

The Canadian Badlands Trail

Unbeknownst to me, we’ve been following part of the Canadian Badlands Trail, leading to spectacular scenery and areas of scientific interest.

Mystery fruit identified

Almost four years ago I posted a picture of some yellow fruit that I found growing on a tree in Southern California.

Today, a discussion of almonds and peach pits turned into a random browse of fruit trees in the family Rosaceae and I found a picture of my mystery fruit: It’s a loquat. And they’re edible.

Aaamazing nature photographs

Image by Igor Siwanowicz

Image by Igor Siwanowicz

OK, these are pictures, mostly of insects, that have been posed and perhaps coloured — I don’t know if there are any red or green pillbugs — but they sure are beautiful. Many of them are extreme closeups:  photos by Igor Siwanowicz.

The page has at least 60 large images on it, so try it only on a fast connection.

Fishes of Ontario

Ont-fish-Walleye=Pickerel=Pike-Perch, originally uploaded by monado.

The Ontario government has provided a guide to the fish species found in Ontario, as a PDF file of a booklet. I’ve grabbed separate images and made it a set in my Flickr stream: 38 kinds of Ontario fish. Just click on the image link to go to the pictures.

Unfortunately, there are no formal names, just a mix of confusing common names.

C’est en français aussi.

Ornate horned frog

NGSM-frogs-ornate-horned-4, originally uploaded by monado.

The ornate horned frog is looks like a malevolent puddle. It’s a large frog that waits for its prey from concealment.

At the National Geographic Society Museum in January, this one stood out in its bed of moss.

Short-tailed, tubular grey rodent (small)

LotStreetWiz saw a small rodent running across his path while out on one of his runs. It had a short tail and looked greyish. It seemed to have a tubular body rather than a mouse-like hump. We’re not sure what it was. Perhaps one of these:

rodents of New York

rodents of New York

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