Fear Not: Halloween Exploration

Fear Not: Halloween Exploration, originally uploaded by Harvard Museum of Natural History. Photo by Adam Blanchette of the Harvard Museum of Natural History.

If you happen to be near Boston, you can go to the Harvard Museum of Natural History for their Hallowe’en exhibit from October 24 to November 2. They promise skeletons as well as spiders, snakes, and bats.

Neanderthal skeleton reconstructed

Bones of at least fifty Neanderthal humans have been found, but never a complete skeleton. We have virtually all the parts. With left-right doubling and comparing bones from different specimens, the American Museum of Natural History assembled the first complete model of a Neanderthal skeleton a couple of years ago. It’s on display in the Hall of Man.

The model enabled them to see clearly that the Neanderthal had a flaring ribcage, broader at the bottom, and a flaring pelvis opening up more at the top. I wonder if they carried a broader belly?

Ornate horned frog

NGSM-frogs-ornate-horned-4, originally uploaded by monado.

The ornate horned frog is looks like a malevolent puddle. It’s a large frog that waits for its prey from concealment.

At the National Geographic Society Museum in January, this one stood out in its bed of moss.

Vietnamese mossy frog

There are six or seven frogs in this picture but they have “some of the best camouflage in the animal kingdom,” according to the exhibit’s sign.

As usual with frogs, camouflage serves a dual purpose: to let the frogs hide from their enemies and from their prey.

There’s an extra picture at Biological Ramblings: Herp Education Program as well as a lovely landscaped “Gaia the turtle.”

The Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto has a Virtual Field Trip to Vietnam to search for these frogs.

I can has minions


more cat pictures

Incidentally, there are apartment buildings in town that would suit Ming the Merciless or some other futuristic bad guy, and his minions of course:

Ming’s apartments, close-up:

future home of Ming the Merciless

Corporate headquarters of Ming the Merciless:

Head Office of Ming the Merciless

Fortress of Ming the Merciless:

Fortress of Ming the Merciless

The grandest of all Ming’s buildings is the National Art Gallery in Ottawa.

(Image from Wikimedia Commons)

It has been designated Ming’s Imperial Palace.

National Gallery of Canada from Parliament Hill

(Image from Wikimedia Commons)

America’s Mecca of ignorance

There’s a new review of Ken Ham’s Creation Museum.

Adam & Eve & dinosaurs

(Hat tip to Pharyngula)

John G. Shedd Aquarium, Chicago

While in Chicago, I’m hoping to visit the John G. Shedd Aquarium.

hotel to Shedd

That’s one thing I think Toronto needs–a public aquarium. Shedd Aquarium from street:

Shedd Aquarium from street

It has a lot of interesting exhibits. One of the best is the cycles of the mangrove forest through the year. water levels change 10 metres.

Shedd Aquarium floor plan

Shedd Aquarium floor plan

Here’s the LOLcat version:

humorous pictures

more funny cat pictures

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