Darwin’s “Evolution Revolution” at the ROM

Royal Ontario Museum with Darwin banner

Replica of Charles Darwin\'s study at Down HouseThe Royal Ontario Museum is hosting an exhibit about the life and work of Charles Darwin. Toronto Star writer Peter Calamai has a review: “Darwin Still Battling Creationists.” Here are a few points:

Only those with unusual physical stamina will be able to take in the admirable richness of this show in one visit….

In the first place, the explanatory panels crowding the Garfield Weston exhibition hall contain – by official count – almost 39,000 words. At an average rate of two words a second, that’s more than five hours of reading.

And there are far too few places to sit and rest both mind and feet, particularly if your idea of intelligent contemplation doesn’t include being assailed by proselytizing film clips.

… parts of “Darwin: The Evolution Revolution” are an exercise in anti-creationist persuasion….

Plan to go and see Darwin’s notes, a replica of his study, and information about the evidence and insights that helped him to realize the mechanism of evolution.


New, improved Ambulocetans

Artist Carl Buell has a lovely picture of the Ambulocetans natans, a progenitor of the whale, which is updated with the latest scientific information. You can see it on his photostream on flickr.

Update: The Flickr photo is offline, so here is a similar image from National Geographic: The Walking Whale.

A furred, whiskered swimmimg mammal, ancestor of the whale

Ambulocetans, a transitional whale fossil


Here’s an image by Carl Buell from the University of New Zealand’s marine mammals wesbsite: Artist’s impression of Ambulocetans natans, courtesy of Carl Buell.

Here’s a different image by Carl Buell, from an evolution website.

A long, slender, swimming mammal attacking a deer-like animal from the water

Ambulocetans natans in action by Carl Buell

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