“The Demise of Evolution” — not.

We’ve heard ID proponents and Creationists talking about “the imminent demise of evolution” for years. In fact, it’s been going on for more than 100 years. “Imminent demise” has been a theme since before Darwin. Back then, it was used against the old-earth theory that the earth’s landscapes were a result of evolution and natural forces, not one God-given, supernatural, brief flood. Deniers soon switched over to claiming the imminent death of evolution, but they waited their whole lifetimes while evolutionary theory went from strength to strength.

Answers in Science has a nice, long compilation of these claims, dating back to 1825. Far from being predictive, they are rhetorical rallying cries for the faithful young-earthers and evolution-deniers. Read The Demise of Evolution” — the longest running falsehood in creationism“.

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