Tech support scam taken down

Tech support scam taken down

This might explain why I haven’t had any calls from these parasites lately: Tech support scams have been crushed by Canadian, Australian, and United States authorities. petition: Take Internet death threats seriously

This is priceless. After Kyle VanderBeek set up a petition in that would send an e-mail to the Montreal Police every time someone signed it, the police received 3,000 e-mails in one day. They tweeted that they’d investigate and would people stop signing the petition. Then Dennis Markuze, the threat-spewer, found it. He signed the petition at least once and possibly several times so that he could write his comments–consisting of threats–on the petition site. And that means they also went to the Montreal Police. Similarly, he tweeted Reply All to people discussing his case, which meant those threats went directly to the police as well.

Sometimes it’s sweet to watch a techno-peasant in action.

Fun with GIFs

GIF files can be used to make mini-movies as each image is shown in sequence. If the action comes back to the starting point, you can have a neverending movie.

Need A Hand Gif - Need A Hand!
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What to do if your Gmail account is hacked

This happened to someone I know: their Gmail account was hacked and used to send spam to everyone in the Gmail address book. The Gmail Help gave useful option settings for preventing the problem. So the rest of us should use the settings before our accounts get hacked.

If your account has been compromised/hacked/stolen you will need to check at least all of the following things:

Account Security:
Settings -> Accounts and Import -> Google Account Settings -> Change Password [pick a new secure password]
Settings -> Accounts and Import -> Google Account Settings -> Change Password Recovery Options [verify secret question, SMS and secondary e-mail address]

Potential Spam:
Settings -> General -> Signature [make sure nothing as been added]
Settings -> General -> Vacation Responder [make sure it’s disabled and empty]

E-mail Theft

Settings -> Accounts and Import -> Send Mail As [make sure it is using your correct e-mail address]
Settings -> Filters [no filters that forward or delete e-mail]
Settings -> Forwarding and POP/IMAP -> Forwarding [disabled or correct address]
Settings -> Forwarding and POP/IMAP -> POP Download [disabled]
Settings -> Forwarding and POP/IMAP -> IMAP Access [disabled]

The purpose of the above is to undo any changes a hacker may have done THIS time.  They often make a number of changes to accounts which create problems if you don’t undo them.

Scan your computer for malware.

Switched to using https by default.

Additional InformationKeeping account secure:
Protecting your account:
If your account is compromised:

How does it happen?

* Accounts left open in public places (even at work).
* Browser login/password auto-fill enabled on a computer others have access to.
* Hacks from other less secure sites (like Facebook).
* Keyloggers and malware.
* Network (especially wireless) breaches.
* A lucky password guess.

Someone else said:

Gmail should block IP addresses from accessing the accounts that are not within the account owner’s own geographical area. They could add a setting wherein international travelers could bypass that. It should be obvious that when a Chinese IP address (or Russian or Korean IP) gets into an account, it is up to no good.

Print options

Greyscale or color?

grayscale cat  is compatable with all printers
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Conficker worm checker

If you can see all the security site logos in this chart, your computer is probably not infected. Click on the link to check.



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Ubuntu for the Mac

Due largely to the unwieldy nature of Microsoft Vista, Ubuntu Linux operating systems are taking off. Prosenjit Bhattacharyya at Technology is Fascinating recommends it for the Macintosh instead of Mac OS.

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