Marine life: octopods and squids

It’s Cephalopod Appreciation Day!

Image from the U.S. Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.


Oktapodi video

The science bloggers have found a link to a very cute, amusing, and touching story about octopus love from the students of Gobelins art school.

Oktapodi” primé au SIGGRAPH 2008 09/09/08

“Oktapodi”, film de fin d’études réalisé en 2007 par des élèves de la formation Conception et réalisation de films d’animation à GOBELINS, l’école de l’image, a remporté deux Prix au SIGGRAPH 2008 : le “Best of Show” et l’”Audience Prize”. Evénement incontournable, ce salon international réunit chaque année les professionnels du domaine des techniques interactives et du graphisme numérique aux Etats-Unis. “Oktapodi” a déjà reçu une dizaine des distinctions les plus prestigieuses du monde de l’animation.

Squid, reversible, hooded jacket

If you’re fond of squids and octopodes, check this out! Clothier Gama-go is offering a limited edition squid hoodie called the Leviathan reversible. It’s black and red. I like it because there’s a flamboyant side and a subdued side:

I can see PZ walking down the street with his minions, everyone dressed in black jackets with a red squid on the shoulder. Then, when he rises to debate those who would drag science down to the level of a religion, or religion into science, education, and government, he wears the red jacket with its all-embracing tentacles.

There’s a continuing squid theme at Gama-Go. They have a ‘squid calimari’ one that shows the squid on a plate with a knife, ready to fight. There’s also a “seasick squid” – just a few tentacles above a sea of tossing waves. I also like the “Flock you” jacket, which is adorned with flying birds.

Squid dissection recordings

colossal squid being caught

You can go to the Web site of the Te Papa Museum for recordings of their lectures and webcasts about the recently dissected squids. The colossal squid is Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni and the giant squid is Architeuthis.

Lectures recordings

The audio recording of Science Express is available:

The other lectures have been filmed. The videos will be available later. Some copyright issues need to be sorted too, so this might take a little longer than expected.

Webcast retransmission

A retransmission of the last hours of the webcast are available here:

Deep Sea News: colossal squid vs. giant squid

colossal squid, top view, being held by five men

Craig at Deep Sea News talks about the two squid being dissected in New Zealand.:

To bring you up to speed, a crack team of teuthologists* dissected both Giant and Colossal Squids at the Te Papa Museum in New Zealand last week. This is where the confusion arises as a Giant Squid AND 2 Colossal Squid were dissected. One of these was the 495kg giant caught over a year ago by fisherman in the Antarctic (oh yeah…she’s a girl!). Seeing the media consistently confuse the two species greatly saddens me. But hey if the media always got it right there would be little need for DSN.

So for clarity the Giant Squid and the Colossal Squid are completely different. Below I provide a list that you can print out and keep in your wallet or purse along with your Seafood Watch card….

Read more.

The colossal squid is Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni and the giant squid is Architeuthis.

Squid dissection online: tentacles!

The dissection of a colossal squid in New Zealand is proceeding, and by popular request the museum personnel are showing some details of the tentacles, suckers, and hooks. The colossal squid is Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni.

Squid dissection online

logo of Te Papa museum in New ZealandI got a comment last week from “tepapamuseum”

If you are interested in giant and colossal squid, Te Papa will host and webcast the dissection of 4 giant and 2 colossal squid starting Sunday 27 April. More info can be found on our website: and of course, on our blog.

For more information, visit the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa.

Colossal Squid being caught

You can see the Architeuthis here: “Rare giant squid washes up in Australia.”

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