Time selects the best blogs of 2012

If you haven’t enough to read over lunchtime, Time comes to the rescue: the 25  best blogs of 2012. They’re not all science blogs.

New punk blogs

These look interesting:

STC Toronto blog has moved

For convenience and more functions, the blog of the Society for Technical Communication, Toronto community, has moved. You can find it here: STC Toronto blog. I am one of several contributors.

Strange Maps blog

I like maps. Robert Heinlein had one of his characters say that they gave him the pleasant feeling of being in two places at once. They let me get an overview, make it easy to grasp some kindes of information, and even express attitudes. (Consider the map that shows New York City as the centre of the world.)

 The Strange Maps blog collects some nice ones, such as “Europe in 1870.”

Europe in 1870

Signing in

I’m signing in from the Science Blogging conference in North Carolina. One of the topics is providing open access to science via the Internet to the developing world.

Driving to the science-blogging conference

map of Eastern North America, route from Toronto, Ontario, south to Durham, North Carolina

I made it! After a late start in Toronto and a 14-hour drive, LotStreetWiz and I arrived at Durham, North Carolina and Research Triangle Park at 2:45 this morning.

Saturday is a blogging skills session and a lab tour: for me, behind the scenes at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.

"You know you’re on Pharyngula when…"

Inkadu says,

You know you’re on Pharyngula when a paragraph in the comments starts with, “Put simply,” and ends with “epistemology.”

Put simply, we can distinguish between ‘harmful’ and ‘non-harmful’ religious beliefs based upon content. We cannot distinguish between them based upon epistemology.

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