Amusing bio: J.T. Eberhard

Here’s the biography supplied by the author of  the blog “What Would JT Do?

JT Eberhard is humanity’s best chance in a zombie apocalypse. Less importantly, he is a campus organizer and high school specialist with the Secular Student Alliance. Once an opera singer, he now resides in Ohio where he occupies his time by helping atheist students to win at activism! In 2008 JT brought the gold medal in cuddling back to the United States and is presently in training for 2012. Eberhard also spent eleven years on the Candy Land pro circuit before retiring in 2010. Hate mail, overt gratitude, religious people trying to convert me, marriage requests, threats and all other non-comment material should be sent to wwjtd21[at]gmail[dot]com.

JT’s Christmas eve piece is, “How do atheists handle death? Holiday edition.”

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Whence the vitriol?

At the Center for Inquiry conference, skeptic Rebecca Watson, of the Skepchick blog, commented on someone else’s critique of her reaction to the Elevator Incident, which was, “Guys, don’t do that”—hardly inflamatory.

I have seen people write that Rebecca Watson insulted the blogger who had named her and criticized her reaction, and whose whose comment her she dissected.

She named her, a writer who had already publicly associated herself with the discussion. She “insulted” her. And yet “ignorant of a certain subject” is a description, not an insult? Rebecca Watson didn’t insult the person who had already publicly called her out by name, who pointed out that the writer was ignorant of sexism as it exists now and that she had absorbed a lot of misogynistic ideas. Both conditions are fairly common in young women who have been sheltered in a fairly egalitarian educational system and immersed in popular culture. And any young woman who showed a spark of feminism would be showered with disincentives–case in point: Rebecca Watson. Young women are likely disavow feminism as unfeminine, at least until they get older and wiser.

So, there wasn’t any insult. The writer of the critical blog post was there and could respond during question period if she so chose.

Now, can anyone explain the 8-week storm of insults, accusations, and threats—not reasoned arguments and counter-examples—that has been hurled at our clear-thinking feminist?

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