Ornate horned frog

NGSM-frogs-ornate-horned-4, originally uploaded by monado.

The ornate horned frog is looks like a malevolent puddle. It’s a large frog that waits for its prey from concealment.

At the National Geographic Society Museum in January, this one stood out in its bed of moss.

Smokey jungle frog

NGSM-frogs-Smokey-Jungle-Frog-3, originally uploaded by monado.

The smokey jungle frog was one of my favourites, perhaps because of its elegant sculptured quality.

I saw it at the National Geographic Society Museum in January.

Vietnamese mossy frog

There are six or seven frogs in this picture but they have “some of the best camouflage in the animal kingdom,” according to the exhibit’s sign.

As usual with frogs, camouflage serves a dual purpose: to let the frogs hide from their enemies and from their prey.

There’s an extra picture at Biological Ramblings: Herp Education Program as well as a lovely landscaped “Gaia the turtle.”

The Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto has a Virtual Field Trip to Vietnam to search for these frogs.

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