STC Toronto blog has moved

For convenience and more functions, the blog of the Society for Technical Communication, Toronto community, has moved. You can find it here: STC Toronto blog. I am one of several contributors.


Change of plan

For the last several months I’ve been posting three times a day with short articles written in advance. My ambition was that every time someone visited the site, there would be new material to read or look at. And I hope you’ve enjoyed it. But the articles have been slight, short, and shallow. I have missed interesting stories that aren’t being covered on other science blogs because I’m setting up tomorrow’s posts, or the next day’s. Then by the time I get around to the stories, someone else has covered them. I am switching back to writing at least some substantial articles on topics that interest me when they catch my eye. So the data stream may be less constant but I trust it will be richer.

I’ll still create brief pointers to interesting stories, throw in my favourite LOLcats, and schedule some posts to spread over blank times. But I won’t try to have them come out several times a day.

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Tangled Bank is coming soon

I’m scheduling training for the new support group as well as helping to write the Support Group wiki, which I’m getting behind on. I worked until 9:00 p.m. last night (and it’s a day job) and took work home and read Pharyngula and did household chores, in that order. So I won’t be putting Tangled Bank together until tonight after Pilates class. Sorry, guys.

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We interrupt your regularly scheduled blogging…

I’m going to be busy for the next few days, then away for the weekend (although LotStreetWiz will be back from Vancouver by then to hold the fort). Then I’ll be busy next week and busier the week after as my client’s wiki project gets ready for its debut.

So I might not be able to queue up three blog posts a day, even with my extensive collection of links that I mean to post about some day. Some of them are stale and even the briefest takes time. I’ve set up a series of morning LOLcats that will take me through the weekend and I’ll try to intersperse them with actual science posts. But there are other things in my life.

If you get bored, browse the archives. There are lots of good posts in them.

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Claiming my blog in Technorati

As part of moving to WordPress, I’m claiming this blog in Technorati: Technorati Profile.

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