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Time selects the best blogs of 2012

If you haven’t enough to read over lunchtime, Time comes to the rescue: the 25  best blogs of 2012. They’re not all science blogs.


What’s interesting around the Internet today?


What’s interesting around the Internet?

Remote marriage via Skype™

Mark Reed and Dante Walkup

A celebrant in Washington DC solemnized the marriage of two men in Texas, using the Skype video chat. While gay marriage is not legal in Texas, it is in DC, which apparently is all, since the celebrant has the authority to form a legal marriage. This neat use of technology was thought up by two law professors.

Through the power of Skype,™ a gay couple in Texas, where same-sex marriage isn’t legal, can be wed by an official in the District of Columbia, where it is. This exact situation played out earlier this week when Dallas residents Mark Reed and Dante Walkup were part of the world’s first digital gay wedding. “When we walked down the aisle, as soon as we reached the front, [Sheila Alexander-Reid, the marriage official] comes on the screen like The Wizard of Oz,” Mr. Reed told news site The union was coordinated in part by The Legal E-Marriage Project, an initiative started by two law professors. They say Skype weddings can also be useful for couples who are separated by distance.

Read more at the Texas Voice, whence I ‘borrowed’ a smaller version of their picture.

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    • “I actually thought it would be impossible to top the 2008 group in terms of freak-showishness, when we had Sam Brownback running against Darwin and Tom Tancredo running on the xenophobia ticket,” [Roy] Sekoff said.
  • Nubians made antibiotic beer. This is being reported as a new discovery, but one of the commenters adds this:
    • Actually, the tetracycline in Nubian bones was discovered by graduate students at UMass and published in 1980. Margaret Keith determined that the antibiotic could not have been a contaminant and had to be ingested over some time, because only growing bone cells showed the antibiotic. The paper was published in Science 1980, vol 209 pp 1532-153.
  • How does fish oil combat inflammation?
    • …omega-3 fatty acids both shut down inflammation and reverse diabetes in obese mice. “Omega-3s are very potent activators of GPR120 on macrophages — more potent than any other anti-inflammatory we’ve ever seen,” said Jerrold Olefsky of the University of California, San Diego…. Activation of GPR120 by omega-3s blocks not one, but all inflammatory pathways.  When [mice that lacked the receptor] were made obese on a high-fat diet and treated with omega-3 fatty acids, they showed all the signs of inflammation and the insulin resistance that leads to diabetes.



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