Death sentence for apostasy

Religion makes people feel justified in doing evil things, and do evil things to protect their nonexistent gods. A man has been sentenced to death in Mauritania for “speaking lightly of the Prophet Mohammed.”

In 2012, an American man was arrested for killing an American soldier for not believing in God: murder of Jose Ramirez.

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Dolphin epizootic

Researchers have detected morbillivirus in the bodies of dolphins that died off the Atlantic shores of the U.S. They conclude that there’s an epizootic affecting the younger dolphins that have never been exposed to that virus.

Here’s more about the epizootic and other dolphin die-offs from previous years.

Morbillivirus is in the same viral genus as the viruses for measles and rinderpest.

Science news, October 2012

There are two items of news: an outbreak of meningitis has hit the U.S.; Hurricane Sandy wreaks havoc on the northeast U.S. coast.

Reason Rally scenes with audio from Dawkins

March 23, 2012

This video shows typical scenes from the Reason Rally in Washington DC on March 24. The audio track is excerpts from Richard Dawkins’ speech to the rally.

Quoting Adam Savage

Doesn’t he sound like an action hero or intrepid explorer?

At the end of his Reason Rally speech, Adam Savage of Mythbusters provided one of the best ‘sound bites’ of the day:

I have concluded through careful, empirical analysis and much thought that somebody is looking out for me, keeping track of what I think about things, forgiving me when I do less than I ought, giving me strength to shoot for more than I think I’m capable of. I believe they know everything that I do and think and they still love me; and I’ve concluded after careful consideration that this person keeping score —is me!

Thunderf00t: Reason Rally and Rock Beyond Belief

Video blogger Thunderf00t has a brief clip about the Reason Rally, which he attended, and this weekend’s Rock Beyond Belief at Fort Bragg in North Carolina. The video has the best crowd shots I’ve seen yet, and a brief plug for Rock Beyond Belief, listing the speakers and performers.



Greta Christina at the Reason Rally

Greta Christina is one of the clearest, most passionate, and most compassionate speakers for atheism today. Here is her talk at the Reason Rally, with the theme of “Why are Atheists Angry?”

Adam Savage at the Reason Rally

One of the best speeches of the day came from Myth Buster Adam Savage. Here it is.

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