All the best dinosaur toys

See the Dinotoy blog for lovely and accurate models of dinosaurs.

One year ago, Perry Moore died

Perry Moore was the producer of The Chronicles of Narnia. He was 39 years old when he died Feb. 22, 2011.

Perry Moore produced all three Narnia films and also wrote an illustrated book to accompany the series opener, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

The distributors planned to market the films to schools with pre-packaged classroom lessons. I wonder if they thought the famous Christian allegory in the story made it an acceptable education package.

Downtown Denver Aquarium


I had the opportunity to visit the Downtown Denver Aquarium, which was a lovely experience. It has about ten different ‘ecology’ areas, which gives it a lot of variety. Walking through the aquarium may give you an appetite for the seafood restaurant at the exit.

Sunday sermon: the theory of evolution

Just remember that in science, “theory” means “explanation.”

Everybody loves Kung Fu fighting!

I’m watching National Geographic’s Fight Science. They are working their through Mixed Martial Arts and various Kung Fu styles, with world champions and exemplars demonstrating their techniques against pressure sensors and high-speed cameras.  These are not just ordinary guys and gals from the fight school down the street: the MMA artists are armoured in muscles, the fighters have hardened their bones and muscles, and all have p0ractised for years.

Their statistics are impressive.: punches that can cause concussion and knockouts, kicks that can break ribs and bruise the heart,  strikes faster than a snake. Neat!

Cellular Respiration Song

Electron Chain Transport:

Did Star Trek really change us?

DVD cover

The other night, I watched William Shatner from Star Trek in a light documentary about how the show inspired (“invented”) 21st century technology.

He mentioned the all-knowing computer, the control walls in engineering, the compact “sick bay” and its diagnostic wonders, and, of course, the cell phone.

The most amusing part—and I wonder if it was deliberate—was that he referred to Silicon Valley as Silicone Valley.

P.S. You can order this as a DVD, which is reviewed here.

Overlords meme

I finally got around to looking up the origin of  “I for one welcome our new ___ overlords.” It turns out to be from an episode of The Simpsons called Deep Space Homer.

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