Freedom from Religion Foundation

Here are some highlights of the FFRF’s year 2011, including some examples of virtual billboards the Out of the Closet campaign:

Reason Rally scenes with audio from Dawkins

March 23, 2012

This video shows typical scenes from the Reason Rally in Washington DC on March 24. The audio track is excerpts from Richard Dawkins’ speech to the rally.

The Big Gang at a glance

Cosmology from the Big Bang onwards

I must find the source of this picture! It was published recently and shows the expansion of the universe though various stages.

Sunday sermon: the theory of evolution

Just remember that in science, “theory” means “explanation.”

What does that mean, “Only a theory?”

Dr. Richard Dawkins on “Evolution is only a theory.”

HIV virus mapped

This paper summarizes and codifies the research from more than a hundred scientific papers into one HIV model. Researchers hope that this model will help them to develop new treatments for the disease.

The model accurately depicts the 3D structures of 17 different viral and cellular proteins found in the virus. The viral membrane in the model has 160,000 lipid molecules of eight different types in the same proportions as in the virus.

Accurate model of Human Immunodeficiency Virus

On the Visual Science website, display labels for the model, look deep inside it, and even rotate the model on your screen.

This model of HIV was on the cover of the special issue of Nature Medicine (September 8, 2010) prepared by the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise.

The Visible Earth, courtesy of NASA

Check out the Visible Earth collection of satellite images and map projections, created by scientists from NASA and around the world.

Designed and Designoid Objects

One of Richard Dawkins’ entertaining Christmas lectures is “Designed and Designoid Objects” from 1991.

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