What’s new in politcal and population control?

  • Eight ways the Roman Catholic Church exercises control over Catholics by Stephen D. Mumford. “In 1980, Jean-Guy Vaillancourt, a Canadian Roman Catholic pro­fessor of sociology at the University of Montreal, published a book entitled Papal Power: A Study of Vatican Control Over Lay Catholic Elites.[11] This is a study of the techniques intensively used by the Vati­can in many countries to control Catholic laypersons in Italy over the past one hundred years. In 1875, the Vatican created a system of local parish committees of at least five members each, called Catholic Actions. These committees were created to organize laypersons to assist the Vatican in seizing control of local, state, and national politi­cal machinery.”
  • From 2004:  a Vatican-linked branch of WHO creates demand for abortions, known in 1994 as the Human Reproduction Program (HRP). For years HRP has been able to wield inside power with many governments to stop the adoption of methods of family planning well-suited to the needs of these countries, including China, Indonesia, and Vietnam, as well as several in Latin America. Their interference may have caused the deaths of 40,000 women in Vietnam, 115,000 women in Indonesia, and 115,000 women in India.
  • From 1984: American Democracy and the Vatican by Stephen D. Mumford. Free download.  “Until those of us who are concerned about these social justice issues are willing to confront the Catholic hierarchy, there will be no significant advances in these areas of social justice. So long as the Church can act ‘undercover,’ it will continue to be effective in thwarting significant advances. Our willingness to permit the Church to act in secrecy in America vastly enhances its power. It is absolutely essential that our silence be shat­tered.”

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