Date of first walker pushed back 30 million years

A tiny trackway discovered in sedimentary rock has pushed back the date of the first organism capable of walking to 585 million years ago. This proof is 30 million years older than previously known evidence.It took two years to precisely date the trackway by radiometric dating of igneous rock that intruded into the sedimentary rock. The fossil was found in Uruguay.

The organism was about the size of a grain of rice. A trackway like this shows that it had front and back ends and was bilaterally symmetrical, with limbs that could move it forward. We could call it First Explorer.

See also Study resets date of earliest animal life by 30 million years.

2 Responses to “Date of first walker pushed back 30 million years”

  1. Science and techno world Says:

    Can anyone mention previous records of the first walking organisms?

  2. monado Says:

    Millipedes were one of the early organisms to walk on land but there were millions of years before that while the ability to walk under water evolved and then hard skins that keep in water had to evolve, too.

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