Small is beautiful, apartment edition

There are a ton of neat little houses/apartments, many of them designed by their owners. One has everything behind cupboard doors, including a galley-like kitchen, and the bed takes up half the apartment. it’s 258 square feet.

One is a rolling wagon, 89 square feet.

And then there are small cube homes.

Small house

Small cube house "twelve-3"

The most elaborate has about seven sliding walls that hold the furnishings–saw it on Daily Planet. It’s 330 square feet. Basically the bath is on one wall, the kitchen plumbing is on the opposite wall, the end wall is a window, and everything else moves. Let me see if I can find it…

When you’re designing your small home, remember to get transforming furniture!

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One Response to “Small is beautiful, apartment edition”

  1. anorwen Says:

    I used to live in a <400 sq ft bachelor condo with my husband and a dog. It was great – it's all about having the right organization of the space you have. I don't know why people think that you need a huge house.

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