Sex abuse in Scouts Canada

Yet another organization proves to have feet of clay. The CBC’s Fifth Estate found 340 children abused by active scout leaders. There are many fine leaders in Scouts Canada. But child abusers go where the children are.

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One Response to “Sex abuse in Scouts Canada”

  1. George W. Says:

    Any organization that deals with children is going to have to deal with the issue of exploitation. Too many of them are convinced that “it can’t happen here”- and hubris is a sweet poison.
    I’m a Scout leader (I work with Cubs) and I can tell you that the organization takes this issue very seriously today. As a child who grew up in the Scouting program from Beavers to Scouts- I can tell you that things are both eerily similar and completely different all at once. Many of the meetings I run could have been almost verbatim the same experience I had as a Cub Scout. Yet today I have four young girls in my pack (this was unheard of when I was a Cub), there are more volunteers administering and overseeing the meetings, and most importantly- no adult is EVER alone with a child.
    My son is a Cub,as is one of his close friends, and I won’t even have his friend over at our house in an effort to maintain professional distance from my Cubs. My son goes to his house.
    Don’t get me wrong- there will likely still be children who face abuse in the Scouting program. I’m not sure that we can ever see a “no risk” children’s program. Scouts is doing a lot to try to get there.

    If only I could get the God out of the program. Did you know that they don’t officially accept atheists? It is the one of the last places in my public life where I am still “in the closet”.

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