Is reality all in the brain?

A new study links a subtle fold in the brain, the paracingulate sulcus or PCS, with the ability to remember what happened vs. what was imagined. The smaller the structure, the more likely test subjects were to misremember who said what or to take imagining a word for speaking it. It was only a small study: 53 people. And cause and effect have not been proven. But it’s suggestive. And imagine the implications for conspiracy theories or religious conviction!


2 Responses to “Is reality all in the brain?”

  1. Don Hutton Says:

    I’ve commented elsewhere on this wondering about the connection to the schizophrenic – neural typical – autistic spectrum where the editing (both in and out) of reality by the brain decreases as you move along it.

  2. monado Says:

    The scary thing is how we edit, rearrange, and enhance our memories. Whom can we trust if we can’t trust ourselves?

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