Help! I’ve learned my friend is a creationist!

Not to worry–Ask Richard of the Rational Response squad: “I’ve Learned My Friend is a Creationist.” He’s setting out to be the Dear Abby of atheists.

2 Responses to “Help! I’ve learned my friend is a creationist!”

  1. hiwaychristian Says:

    Those who become alarmed at faith in God through Jesus, are like those who’s eyes widen with fear at the sight of another brushing his teeth. They are the ones who are acting foolish. And to top that off, in their folly they firmly believe they are right!

    They call dedication to truth hillariously stupid. Yet they don’t realize, they have become the joke of heaven. The world is passing away. And this label of stupidity will be left in the dust for those who Love Him. But what shall be said of those who render themselves foolish for eternity?

    By His Grace.

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