Religious nut charged with two counts of threatening death

A religious (not pseudo-religious, as some newspapers would have it) crank has finally been charged for his threats:

  • A deranged spammer of religiously based death threats has been charged with two counts–perhaps the most recent and local of his offences? Or perhaps the most vicious? Those with the youngest victims? Who know? At least the Montreal Police were shamed off their duffs by the blaze of publicity shone on them by an online petition.
  • He wasn’t lured into threatening the police. I don’t think anyone expected that he would start threatening them, but he started signing the petition himself in order to place threats against other signers in the comments. Which sent his threats straight to the police. Then his habit of choosing “Reply All” for anything that mentioned him meant that his Tweeted threats against people discussing him also went to @SPVM, the Montreal Police.

2 Responses to “Religious nut charged with two counts of threatening death”

  1. Eamon Knight Says:

    Yeah the “Cops lured him into spamming them with threats” angle bugs me, too — the SPVM did sweet fuck-all until Raillant-Clark got the local media on the case, and the petition spammed them under. If anyone “lured” Markuze into his self-immolation it was Tim Farley. Srsly, how obtuse do you have to be to send the evidence of your guilt right to the cops’ inbox?
    I have to confess to finding Markuze’s flurry of last-minute apologies — right before he went silent — pathetically amusing.

    • monado Says:

      I suspect that was his mother doing his damage control and issuing the notpologies: “But of course you atheists are enraging us!”

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