Michael Shermer warns off Dennis Markuze

In January, 2011, scientist and author Michael Shermer was moved to speak severely to Dennis Markuze, to report him to the local U.S. police and the Montreal police, and to get a restraining order against him. (Remember that the Montreal police couldn’t recall anyone ever reporting Markuze before.)  I’d like to quote the body of Prof. Shermer’s letter, as it is a model of clear communication:

I spoke to your father yesterday, after a conversation with your mother the day before. Your father told me that he thought you had stopped doing things like this years ago, but when I read him your latest postings, ramblings, and death threats he was surprised to hear that this technique of drawing attention to yourself by harassment continues. Apparently this is something that you have been doing for many years.

Listen carefully. I have contacted the Montreal police, along with the local police in my city, and alerted them to the danger that you pose as a deranged and possibly mentally ill man. Although your parents indicated that they don’t think that you are mentally ill, they are obviously not privy to the death threats you have been sending all of us. On Monday I am filing a restraining order against you. If you show up anywhere near me I will have you arrested on the spot and put into jail. If you attempt to approach me I will be armed and will not hesitate to use any force necessary to stop you.

In the past 24 hours I have received over 200 tweets and emails from you. This must stop now. I hereby demand an end to all communication from you of any form. If you continue contact with me this will all go on your police record.

It also contains the telltale, “Your father thought you had stopped years ago,” indicating that the father, at least, might be concerned but Markuze (AKA Mabus) has been concealing his continued harassment from  his father.

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