Theistic apologies debunked

Hat tip to Prof. PZ Myers of Pharyngula. PZ wrote:

This is a wonderful video debunking the Kalam Cosmological Argument. What I really like about it is that it takes the tortured rationales of theologians like William Lane Craig, who love to babble mangled pseudoscience in their arguments, and shows with direct quotes from the physicists referenced that the Christian and Muslim apologists are full of shit.

So the theists cherry-pick misunderstood factoids from science to steal the legitimacy of scientific research for their myths. Then if someone points out that the research has changed its answer, they whine about the lack of evidence? I think my irony meter just sproinged its guts all over the room.

But are their cherries Jesus-approved? (Hat tip to Greta Christina:

“They cherry-pick scripture to support their position; you cherry-pick scripture to support yours—how do you know that your cherries are the ones Jesus would approve of?”

and Hamstur:

Now there’s a starburst for every Christian author’s book: “My cherries are Jesus approved!”

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