Why haven’t we cured AIDS yet?

First, AIDS is caused by a virus, HIV that mutates very quickly, so much so that we can trace its family tree from the original simian virus, SIV.

Second, if you can believe Mother Teresa’s fanfic, we missed our opportunity. But commenter “MJ” had the answer to that!

MJ | August 20, 2007 7:38 PM:

“I have already prayed to God for healing for Aids, and God’s answer to me was “the one I sent to you was aborted in his mother’s womb.” –Mother Theresa to an AIDS victim

I always wanted to retort to people who use that quote: God told me that the woman who should have become the doctor who would have cured AIDS, never got the chance to go to college because she got pregnant in high school (thanks abstinence only sex ed), and couldn’t get an abortion because there was no nearby provider (86% of the counties in the USA), and she was too poor to afford one and travel (especially with the waiting restrictions in her state). Her family pressured her to keep the baby, and she dropped out of school to support her child.

Funny how some people expect an unborn fetus to solve the problems of the world, while women are thought to have so little potential themselves.

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