Lemuria and Atlantis

Lemuria: “Lemuria was invented by biologist Philip Sclater in 1864 to explain the distribution of fossil lemurs in Madagascar and India.

“Sclater had never heard of continental drift, so he decided a continent must have once spanned the Indian Ocean to connect the locations where his lemurs were found. The idea of Lemuria was later adopted by occult and science fiction writers for their own purposes, but make no mistake: it’s pure geography myth.” Madame Blavatsky used it in her mystical scams, anticipating Deepak Chopra’s high-jacking of Quantum Theory.

From the same source: “Atlantis was invented by Plato in ancient Greece for use as a metaphor in one of his dialogues; this is the only original mention of Atlantis. Everything else about it has been made up.”

And people wonder why we doubt the historical existence of Jesus?

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