How technology changes us

Some technologies lead to new forms of empowerment:

  • Writing: more than memory, longer than living memory.
  • Printing: yet more knowledge preserved and multiplied.
  • Telegraphy: fast messaging for many over distance.
  • Automobile: personal freedom of movement.
  • Xerography: everyone’s a publisher.
  • E-mail:  return of the pen-pal and frequent mail delivery worldwide.
  • Personal computers: unprecedented data management & secretarial services  within households.
  • Cell phone: instant person-to-person locating and updating.
  • Blogs: anyone can publish a magazine all over the world.
  • Discussion groups with pseudonyms: exchange views and establish trust between strangers.
  • Twitter: everyone her own telegrapher.
  • Transfer money by cell phone: economic lubricant in poor countries.

2 Responses to “How technology changes us”

  1. Linear Fix Says:

    All very good ideas of technology and empowerment.

  2. some dude Says:

    How about how technology will change education? :)

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