Did Star Trek really change us?

DVD cover

The other night, I watched William Shatner from Star Trek in a light documentary about how the show inspired (“invented”) 21st century technology.

He mentioned the all-knowing computer, the control walls in engineering, the compact “sick bay” and its diagnostic wonders, and, of course, the cell phone.

The most amusing part—and I wonder if it was deliberate—was that he referred to Silicon Valley as Silicone Valley.

P.S. You can order this as a DVD, which is reviewed here.


3 Responses to “Did Star Trek really change us?”

  1. Don Hutton Says:

    And remember that Star Trek had the iPad first, albeit somewhat less stylish than the current model.

  2. Kate Ferguson Writes Says:

    and the inter-stellar net.. :)

  3. monado Says:

    You’re right!

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