U.S. emergency preparedness

Comments from CNN, Morgan Piers show,  about the U.S.’s disaster preparedness.

Irwin Redlener, Director of Columbia U’s National Center for Disaster Preparedness:

  • Says FEMA is much improved since Hurricane Katrina, more professional.
  • Japanese citizens and gov’t are far more prepared for disaster than those in U.S.
  • “We have grossly under-invested in some of the actual structures and systems that we’ll need to have in place if we have a major disaster. For example, our health and hospital systems are really unprepared to deal with any kind of major disaster and it has to do with our unwillingness to really invest and make sure those systems can surge up when they need to.

Craig Fugate, director of FEMA:

  • US Geological survey maps seismic risks, but other places like central U.S. does not meet specs, generally around inactive faults e.g. South Carolina.
  • Working with private sector and retailers so they’ll help move supplies, have right things on hand.
  • Personal preparedness, need plan: see ready.gov (?)
  • “As much as people say, ‘Well, it would never happen in my community,’ low-probability, high-consequence events is why we have to build the depth and the capability to respond as a nation.”

Now why can’t people apply that last to the probability of global warming?

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