Evolution vs. religion

Is there any truth to the often-made assertion that evolution necessarily implies atheism, usually heard from religiously-motivated opponents of the evolutionary explanation of the variety of living organisms? Not directly.

Science doesn’t imply atheism. Evolution doesn’t imply atheism, any more than other natural explanations do: any more than gravity does when it denies celestial spheres, or the Static Electricity Theory of Lightning Generation when it denies Thor, or the Brain Malfunction Theory of Strokes when it denies that God is consciously striking people down. What science does is encourage a rational, evidence-based attitude. That makes people who think scientifically, who know that people see faces in clouds and think their cars “act stubborn” on cold mornings, who know about misperceptions and the unreliability of eye-witness testimony and memory, are less likely to believe in ghosts, paranormal powers, flying saucers, magnetic healing, crystals, qi, homeopathy, “good vibrations,” pixies, fairies, unicorns, demons, angels, or deities.


One Response to “Evolution vs. religion”

  1. peddiebill Says:

    Having done my PhD on this topic I would like to suggest that the majority on both sides of the debate act as if their position places them with their group. eg Jehovah’s Witnesses dont believe in evolution so when a JW says he or she doesnt believe in evolution he or she is saying they identify with those who are JW – not that they have carefully looked at the evidence and rejected it accordingly.
    Similarly most who say they believe in evolution likewise know virtually nothing about the evidence – but they know who they want to be identified with…ie mainstream university educated people. Science doesnt imply atheism but Dawkins does when he assumes those who talk of God are talking like mainstream creationists.

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