Pergamon Press?

From Anthony Blond’s autobiography, Jew Made in England, P. 162:

There was no reason to doubt Victor Glober, who acted as my first london rep and sales manager. He had been taken prisoner at Dunkirk and spent the war in German camps, leaving him patient, slightly ulcerous and gloomy over the state of the trade. He was also a good man and never told a lie, as far as I knew, except routinely in the course of persuading […] to subscribe to our titles.

So when he told me that when he was working for Robert Maxwell in the fifties his task had been to pick up parcels containing almost the entire issue of every Pergamon Press scientific journal and deposit them down a disused mineshaft in the West Country, I believed him. One binder’s parcel was kept for subscribers and voucher copies for advertisers, who could be shown the delivery notes, proving that the print order was as guaranteed by the publishers.

Comments, anyone?

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2 Responses to “Pergamon Press?”

  1. Dr.Eduardo Balanovski Says:

    I would like to know to whom in Pergamon Press should I send a book proposal for consideration and possible publication.
    Thank you so much

    Dr. Eduardo Balanovski

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