John Wilkins has a new book!

John S. Wilkins, who has thought long and hard about what the species concept, has published Species: A history of the idea.

Wilkins (2009) has provided an annotated list of 26 distinguishable species concepts in the modern literature (an earlier version of the list is freely available on his web page; Wilkins 2006…. Although a list can be a very useful thing, it is even more useful if it has a context, and that is what Wilkins’ new book, Species: A History of the Idea, is intended to provide. It ends with the same list, but starts by telling us where it came from.

Sweden uses old trains to plough snow

(Photo from the Swedish Railway Museum)

Sweden uses old trains to plough snow:

Two old DA locomotives normally resident in the Swedish Railway Museum in Gävle in northern Sweden, have been dusted off and put back into service to clear the tracks of snow between Mjölby and Alvesta in southern Sweden.

Furthermore a 100-year-old snowplough is in place alongside the tracks in nearby Nässjö, ready to be called into action if needed.

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