Happy Mithrastide!

The Persian god of light Mithra, or sun-god Mithras, was very popular with Roman soldiers, who brought his religion back to Rome. His birth was celebrated on December 25 and he was called the Good Shepherd. Here, he’s the answer to a question on the British quiz show QI or “Quite Interesting,” hosted by Stephen Fry.


4 Responses to “Happy Mithrastide!”

  1. Spoony Says:

    Damn, I love this show, but I can’t watch it this second! Rrrgh!

  2. Spoony Says:

    Aha, finally watched it. Interesting, Mithras was another one of those ‘God-Men’ I keep hearing about, I guess.

    BTW, did you hear about the crop circle that this lady claiming to be psychic on this show in the Netherlands went to and said it changed her life walking in the crop circle… and they took a photo of it from above… and it was the QI logo — and they didn’t know it!

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