Imagine no religion

Is religion a force for good?

I saw a few days ago that our statistics in Canada are the reverse of those in the U.S.: 66% here think religion is not a force for good.

Now, further secularization: 23% are ticking the “no religion” box, up from 1% forty years ago (new Globe & Mail survey. It’s a new generation, I think. The article adds, “Only the persistence of religious traditions among immigrants… has slowed the march away from our places of worship.”


2 Responses to “Imagine no religion”

  1. Anirudh Kumar Satsangi Says:

    I give Radhasoami Faith view of Creation Theory. In Sar Bachan (Poetry) composed by His Holiness Soamiji Maharaj the August Founder of Radhasoami Faith the details of creation and dissolution has been described very scientifically. It is written in this Holy Book: Only He Himself (Supreme Father)and none else was there. There issued forth a great current of spirituality, love and grace (In scientific terminology we may call this current as gravitational wave). This is called His Mauj (Divine Ordainment). This was the first manifestation of Supreme Being. This Divine Ordainment brought into being three regions, viz., Agam, Alakh, and Satnam of eternal bliss. Then a current emerged with a powerful sound. It brought forth the creation of seven Surats or currents of various shades and colours (in scientific terminology we may call it electromagnetic waves). Here the true Jaman or coagulant was given (in scientific terminology this coagulant may be called as weak nuclear force and strong nuclear force). Surats, among themselves, brought the creation into being.

    These currents descended down further and brought the whole universe/multi verse into being i.e. black holes, galaxies etc. were born.

  2. Arthur Says:

    There was an era were every one belive in god and the church is the greatest thing in the world, this ages are called the dark ages…

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