Birther conspiracy

Reason Decrystallized has a succinct summary of the racist Birther conspiracy theory and how well it holds up.

Obama has spent millions to cover up the truth! they scream.  He apparently wasted his money, since the birth certificate is available online, and has been for two years.

Here is an article about it.

Note the date of the article–June 2008.  Obama posted it on the web two years ago, but he’s ‘proven’ guilty by all the money he has spent to hide it.

Two. Years.

Snopes vouches for it.

And Politifact.

And Fact Check.

And the director of Hawaii’s health department.

And Hawaii’s republican governor.

And the democratic party’s vetting procedure.

And everyone from before his presidential campaign, when he served in state and national politics.

And the entire investigative apparatus of the US government, who allowed him to take office.

Lovely summary… Birther conspiracy theory.

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